Starting a new business or growing one?

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Starting a new business or growing one?

Think Worldwide’s Pick and Ship service may be for you.

Here at Think Worldwide we are always looking at ways to expand our business and bring even more services to our customers.

Starting a new business can be stressful and time consuming. Having somewhere to store your stock and making sure that parcels are posted in a time efficient manor is something that many small businesses can find hard when just starting out. With the growth of websites such as Ebay and Etsy, and with Amazon now offering a selling service, starting your business, or growing it, can reap rewards.

To that end, we are now offering a Pick and Ship service. This is a complete fulfilment package. Your precious stock will be stored at our fully alarmed and secure warehouse, and we will then dispatch your orders for you as and when they arrive. This means that you no longer have to process your orders or package or dispatch them, so you can concentrate on other aspects of the business.

It doesn’t matter if you are dispatching one order a week or dozens of orders per hour, our bespoke service can cater to each businesses needs individually. A complete end to end solution!

Pick and Ship is proving very popular with small entrepreneurial businesses that are building an online presence to sell their products and services.

Please contact us and our friendly staff can arrange a package that suits you.


Couriers – How can they make your life easier?

International Express is a Think Worldwide Service that can deliver documents and parcels door-to-door worldwide, whether you need to export or import we can offer a solution to your requirements at a competitive rate.

We work with a large portfolio of agents around the globe allowing us the flexibility to adapt to your specific needs. All major European Cities are delivered next day and we can offer many timed delivery options.

Offering courier services is an integral part of our business. We have the capacity to offer a same day solution for important and urgent packages for your business nationwide and collection can be made within 30 minutes of booking, available 24/7, with a signature on delivery and an email delivery confirmation.

So, why use a courier for your business?

Firstly, courier services are a faster alternative to traditional mail services. These services can be time consuming and costly, charges can occur if items are bigger or heavier than paid for, and they don’t always arrive at the destination when they say they will. The demand for receiving their products within at least a day or two is now the expected norm for many businesses.

With the continued growth in the internet shopping over the last few years, companies need a reliable and efficient way to get their goods to their customer as fast as possible. With this in mind, courier services can offer deliveries that are tailor-made to their customer and their goods. Couriers can collect the goods at a time to suit you, not necessarily within normal business hours.

Using a courier is more affordable than you may think. With the ease of transporting large and bulky items, your business could save a substantial amount of money, especially if the delivery is heavy. The post office charges by weight, courier services only charge by distance. Last minute emergencies can be avoided! Online tracking is also an important factor, so that your delivery can be viewed in real time, and customers can constantly be updated.

One item is just as important as a thousand. Just because you only have 1 to send doesn’t mean that a courier isn’t for you. Rates and prices are very competitive, and with your package being able to be collected from wherever you want, its an easier option. No need to drag it to the post office anymore! Your package is important – we don’t have endless shipments that mean you are low on our priority list. We are fast and efficient – the parcel can even arrive at a specific time if you need it to.

Courier services are a growing industry, and one that we at Think Worldwide strive to make as competitive and reliable as possible. Please contact us to find out how our courier service can benefit you. We have many different packages available to ensure the smooth and effective delivery of your goods.

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