27th June 2017

A delivery drone that could carry a car!

Chinese retailer JD.com plan to launch a fleet of heavy lifting drones that can carry items weighing the equivalent of a small car across citi...

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21st June 2017

Tesco trial a one hour delivery service

In a move to directly challenge Amazon, Tesco are unveiling its new one hour delivery service. A pilot of the scheme in Zones 1 an...

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14th June 2017

Royal Mail letter deliveries fall

Royal Mail is having to rely on international business more and more as the number of letters they deliver has drastically declined. ...

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7th June 2017

Our new lorry is good news for our customers!

We have recently taken delivery of a new 7.5 tonne lorry. This allows us to make dedicated deliveries just for you, and is a good option for m...

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24th May 2017


Think Worldwide are branching out into consumer electronics! We are selling Veho products through Groupon. Veho were the previous...

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23rd May 2017

Important information – Driving ban in Europe

This Thursday (25th) there is a driving ban in Europe. Here is a list of all the European countries; ...

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17th May 2017

Why donating to charity is an important part of what we do

Recent charity donations from Think Worldwide include £100 each to the British Lung Foundation, Abby’s Heroes and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust...

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10th May 2017

Information on denied party screening

A denied party is an individual or Organisation that is subject to sanctions imposed by the United Nations, European Union, United States or a...

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3rd May 2017

Why Customer Care is so important

Here at Think Worldwide our customer service is of paramount importance. Speaking to us on the phone or via email is often the only contact ou...

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28th April 2017

The importance of using a dedicated tracking vehicle

We know that sometimes the highest level of security is the most important aspect of your delivery. High in cost or high in personal circumsta...

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26th April 2017

Why use our express service?

We at Think Worldwide pride ourselves in dealing with clients who call with what they may regard as a difficult service. The chances are that ...

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19th April 2017

Starting a new business or growing one?

Think Worldwide’s Pick and Ship service may be for you. Here at Think Worldwide we are always looking at ways to expand our busi...

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