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Our new lorry is good news for our customers!

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We have recently taken delivery of a new 7.5 tonne lorry. This allows us to make dedicated deliveries just for you, and is a good option for more bulky items that would not be able to go through a network.

There are many benefits to this way of transporting your package. The first is that there is always only one driver controlling the job – creating a more personal service and ensuring that every aspect of the delivery is known by the driver. No passing on to third parties and other drivers, its all through us so we know exactly where it is all the time.
The other benefits include your cargo not being mixed with any other freight, no risk of it getting lost or sent to the wrong place! It can be a completely time specific delivery – we liaise directly with you and you are in control. There is also much less risk of damage this way, as our only priority is you.

There is a large load space, and weight of up to 2400 kilos is available.

If you think that this could be of interest, please contact us at your earliest convenience and see if our new method of transport works for you!

Think Worldwide have acquired more warehousing space to accommodate the increasing new customers that are utilising the Pick, Pack and Ship operation that we offer, or just simply storage.

We have added 2 new vans to the fleet which we feel were needed in order to continue the reliability in collections and deliveries.

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