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Why Customer Care is so important

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Here at Think Worldwide our customer service is of paramount importance. Speaking to us on the phone or via email is often the only contact our customers have with us – and our customer services department is dedicated to making sure that your experience is as seamless as possible.

What makes us different to other larger companies?

We have our own in house customer care team, not a large call centre off site where you never get to speak to the same person twice! We have a small dedicated team who are very close to our customers and a local database which means we are familiar with the area. We are not a company who treats customers as just another number.

We are a small company, but feel that our level of customer service can set us apart from other larger companies who are not able to offer the personal touch. Extra effort into customer service can give a strong competitive advantage.

Repeat business is of course important to us, and we hope that once you have used us, you will never go elsewhere. We hope to look after you and guide you through the process, knowing that we are on hand whenever you have a question or query.

What value do we bring?

Understanding our customers needs and requirements is at the heart of our business, and because we have the resources to cater to all customers as individuals, we offer added value over the larger companies who don’t know their customers on a personal level.

We run our own fleet of vehicles, so we are always able to track our deliveries, and can get into contact with our drivers if any issues arrive. They are well known and trusted to us, and are not just part of a larger organisation or a company who use other carriers to distribute the goods. All sides of the operation are run through us.

Larger companies are not as efficient at making changes should the need arise, and are often hampered by their size making change difficult and slow. We are a fast paced company who are not afraid to try new ventures and ideas because we have the time and resources. We will find innovative and new ways to make sure that your parcel reaches where it needs to if needs be.

Being familiar to our customers and knowing them individually is an advantage that we can bring. We can be much closer to our customers – both in being able to meet with you more frequently should the need arise, and develop a more personal relationship.

Larger companies run the risk of offering too much customer service. Automated phone calls and scripted answers mean that its difficult to get to the heart of such a company. High tech customer service has taken over actually talking to someone.

Should you use a small company?

A resounding yes from us! Great things come in small packages!

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