Did you know that we’re Marine Industry specialists?

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Did you know that we’re Marine Industry specialists?

Here at Think Worldwide we are specialists in the Marine Industry.

Our specialist knowledge of global logistics in the Marine Industry could help us deliver a really strong service to your company and hopefully develop a long term partnership as we have with many other marine businesses.

We’re a small independent company so not only can we use any available agent on the market to ship your goods and keep costs to a minimum, we will get to know your company inside and out. There are no call centres or middle men, so when you pick up the phone you will be speaking to the team who are doing the work for you. Many of our long standing clients describe us as their in-house logistics team!

We undertake every aspect of Global shipment administration from paperwork to pick and pack, from our warehouse or direct from you to your customer. We take care of all the international paperwork and admin (including commercial invoices).

In short, we could make global logistics really simple for you!