27th September 2017

China’s golden week

Commencing on October 1st for a week, golden week, or National day, means that Chinese businesses close down and nothing moves in or out of th...

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20th September 2017

Brexit could mean goods face delays at UK ports

According to the British Retail Consortium (BRC) goods being imported into the UK could get stuck at ports and other points of entry for up to 3 days ...

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13th September 2017

Concern grows over a shortage of skilled HGV drivers

The Freight Transport Association’s (FTA) recently published quarterly Transport Activity Survey (QTAS) stating that the issue of driver sho...

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8th September 2017

All about us

We have recently made some changes and upgrades to our website, and with that in mind thought it was a good time remind you of the services we...

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30th August 2017

Driverless lorries to arrive on our motorways

This week the Government have announced that trials of driverless lorries will begin on our motorways at some time next year in a bit to cut c...

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23rd August 2017

Walmart and the race for drone delivery

Walmart is beginning testing on its new drone delivery service in New York. By renting a 28,000 square foot hanger, it can start research an...

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16th August 2017

Courier and express delivery market to top £10 billion

According to research published by Mintel, in their courier and express delivery report UK 2017, the value of courier and express delivery m...

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8th August 2017

UK to a ban sale of all petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2040

As part of the governments clean air plan, all diesel and petrol cars and vans, including hybrid vehicles will be banned due to the impact tha...

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31st July 2017

Is rail freight a real solution?

According to the Rail Technology Magazine (RTM) sending more goods by rail has the potential to dramatically reduce road congestion, road coll...

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21st July 2017

UK logistics needs European workers to continue trading

According to the Freight Transport Association (FTA), without EU workers the UK’s freight and logistics industry could grind to a halt. They...

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14th July 2017

Amazon beehive delivery drones!

Amazon have filed for a patent for multi level fulfilment centres that would accommodate the take off and landing of drones in dense urban set...

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10th July 2017

Delivery firms and increasing traffic congestion

The rise in e-commerce and internet ordering has meant that for retailers and their customers, getting their deliveries to their home or place...

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