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marine freight

Did you know…..?

Here at Think Worldwide we are specialists in the Marine Industry.

We are currently the preferred supplier for Marine companies such as:

• Ocean Safety

• Alex Thompson Racing


• Ostmatech

• Superyacht Shop

Our specialist knowledge of global logistics in the Marine Industry could help us deliver a really strong service to your company and hopefully develop a long term partnership like we have with the companies mentioned above.

We’re a small independent company so not only can we use any available agent on the market to ship your goods and keep costs to a minimum, we will get to know your company inside and out. There are no call centres or middle men, so when you pick up the phone you will be speaking to the guys doing the work for you. Many of our long standing clients describe us as their in house logistics team!

We undertake every aspect of Global shipment administration from paperwork to pick and pack, from our warehouse or direct from you to your customer. We take care of all the international paperwork and admin (including commercial invoices).

In short, we could make global logistics really simple for you!

express delivery

Courier and express delivery market to top £10 billion

According to research published by Mintel, in their courier and express delivery report UK 2017, the value of courier and express delivery managed an impressive £1 billion increase in sales in 2016, upping the overall spend to an estimated £10 billion this year.

Overall, 2.8 billion packages and parcels were delivered in 2016, with the number growing by 65% in four years, up from 1.7 billion in 2012. In 2017 sales are expected to reach £10.8 billion rising to £13.2 billion by 2021, the equivalent of 4 billion packages. Alongside this, UK online retail sales are expected to grow by 55.3% over this same five year period to reach £81.94 billion.

Incredibly, almost nine in 10 (87%) Brits have sent or received a parcel in the last 6 months.

Marco Amasanti, Business-to-Business Analyst at Mintel said “The crux of the recent surge in courier and express delivery services surrounds the ongoing digitalisation of all consumer behaviour, in which e-commerce is the apex. As online channels continue to increase their grip across retailing, the industry is only expected to grow further as supply strives to match surging demand. Money previously spent in retail stores is now increasingly spent online, boosting business-to-consumer delivery demand not only through the initial purchase, but also through the return of goods bought online. The business-to-consumer sector, underlined by the rise in e-commerce will be key to future growth.”

“Convenience, in particular the importance of saving time, has become key to consumer demand. It is clear that demand for convenient time windows is significantly more prevalent among younger Brits. Convenience has gradually pervaded these generations, and established itself as a norm and benchmark in the market. Operators that target a younger market must acknowledge these growing expectations, and shift focus onto customer service accordingly.” Marco continues.

The culture of wanting your package the same day or even within hours of being ordered means that the value of next day deliveries reached £5.5 billion in 2016, up from £3.1 billion in 2012. Same day deliveries have risen from £488 million in 2012 to £1 billion in 2016.

The research also flags reasons why consumers may be dissatisfied with the courier service they received. Top of the list is a long wait time, followed by a parcel being left in an unsafe place (13%) and the parcel not being delivered within the agreed delivery slot (11%). One in 10 (10%) users has experienced a parcel being lost in the post, (8%) have suffered damage to the contents of the parcel.

Home delivery and the convenience of ordering from your home to be delivered anywhere in the world as quickly as possible is evidently becoming the consumers way of buying and distributing their goods, and this is only going to become even bigger. High street stores have a mammoth task to try and entice customers back to their shops, and expectations as to the capabilities of parcel delivery in terms of timescale have become almost expected.

beehive drones

Amazon beehive delivery drones!

Amazon have filed for a patent for multi level fulfilment centres that would accommodate the take off and landing of drones in dense urban settings.

This would allow them to move away from single story warehouses that temporality store packages before they are shipped to the customer. They are also normally situated outside urban areas and are not convenient for deliveries to majorly populated cities. The beehive shape of the centres means that drones can move to a higher location, which saves the drone power because it takes energy to ascend to cruising altitude, according to the patent. The high takeoff platform will also take the constant “whirring” sound of drones away from street level, somewhat reducing noise pollution for pedestrians, the patent said.

The company would stock the beehives’ shelves the old-fashioned way — that is, by arranging freight delivery via trucks, rail or ships. Then, human personnel and robotic devices would unload and then later package orders, according to Amazon. Customers could also collect their package from the centre if they preferred. After an order is packaged, an “internal transport robot” — which could be a robot, elevator, conveyer belt or some sort of lifting mechanism. The towers could accept shipments from traditional trucks — or even boats if located close enough to a body of water, the application states.

Obviously this is only a patent, and Amazon are not about to start building their outlandish ideas, but it shows that they are trying to move with the times and come up with innovative ideas that benefit the customer. It remains to be seen whether people will be happy to live near enormous beehive domes with drones constantly coming in and out, noise pollution alone could be a massive issue, but Amazon seem as keen as ever to monopolise the delivery market in as many ways as possible.


The importance of using a dedicated tracking vehicle

We know that sometimes the highest level of security is the most important aspect of your delivery. High in cost or high in personal circumstance, knowing that your precious delivery is in safe hands means that you can relax and know that we will look after it for you.

Recently, we have shipped a £1 million computer from the UK to a destination in Europe. This is a service that we would like to offer all our customers.

A dedicated tracking vehicle will be in charge of your delivery from start to finish. The cargo will be collected at a convenient time, making sure that your delivery is packaged safely and securely, and that it doesn’t move around once in transit. In these sorts of deliveries, the safety of the package is paramount. It needs to be kept stable and packed very carefully.

It has to be highly insured. High value goods can be more vulnerable to theft, damage or loss. This is something that we can help organise before the collection.

You can track its progress. Our online booking system allows you to print consignment notes and track the progress of your shipment from point of collection to delivery. POD’s are easily accessed via our website and informed to our customers by automatic e-mail notification.

Vehicles dedicated to these kinds of deliveries are becoming a more and more popular option for those that like added piece of mind.

If you think this service could be of use to you, please contact our friendly staff today who will be happy to arrange a bespoke quote for you.


Why use our express service?

We at Think Worldwide pride ourselves in dealing with clients who call with what they may regard as a difficult service. The chances are that we have already experienced your request and can easily find a service to accommodate your needs.

Sometimes, making sure your package arrives on time is a last minute thought. We offer an express service, to make sure that whatever you are delivering always arrives when it should.

No consignment is too small or large for our dedicated delivery services. Our customer representatives will help you through the process and advise you on the most efficient and cost effective delivery service to suit your requirements, whether it is just a small envelope or a 24 tonne trailer load, we will ensure that your goods are taken care of from start to finish.

We offer an express same delivery service with dedicated vehicles throughout Europe. We can collect within 60 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether its a document, parcel or pallet – we can take it for you.

Why not contact us today to see how we can help you?

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