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The importance of using a dedicated tracking vehicle

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We know that sometimes the highest level of security is the most important aspect of your delivery. High in cost or high in personal circumstance, knowing that your precious delivery is in safe hands means that you can relax and know that we will look after it for you.

We have shipped a £1 million computer from the UK to a destination in Europe. This is a service that we would like to offer all our customers.

A dedicated tracking vehicle will be in charge of your delivery from start to finish. The cargo will be collected at a convenient time, making sure that your delivery is packaged safely and securely, and that it doesn’t move around once in transit. In these sorts of deliveries, the safety of the package is paramount. It needs to be kept stable and packed very carefully.

It has to be highly insured. High value goods can be more vulnerable to theft, damage or loss. This is something that we can help organise before the collection.

You can track its progress. Our online booking system allows you to print consignment notes and track the progress of your shipment from point of collection to delivery. POD’s are easily accessed via our website and informed to our customers by automatic e-mail notification.

Vehicles dedicated to these kinds of deliveries are becoming a more and more popular option for those that like added piece of mind.

If you think this service could be of use to you, please contact our friendly staff today who will be happy to arrange a bespoke quote for you.

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