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Information on denied party screening

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A denied party is an individual or Organisation that is subject to sanctions imposed by the United Nations, European Union, United States or another relevant authority. It is strictly prohibited to transport goods or documents on behalf of or directly to these individuals or organisations.

Lists are created and compiled by government authorities and agencies to either beware or refrain from interacting with those individuals or entities on the lists. These lists can then be compared to internal delivery lists to ensure that there is no cross over.

If a match is found, further information may need to be provided. It could be a case of an address/shipper/receiver is similar to one on the watch list. Making sure that names and addresses are correctly filled out, receiver details are correct, and as much information is provided at the time as possible with regards to the delivery should minimise delays. Rescreening can be done daily, and with government watch lists changing regularly, it is important for us to keep on top of.

Compliance in this area is very important. It has only just recently come into effect, and means that we are working hard to ensure that we can deal with the changes quickly and efficiently.

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