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Tesco trial a one hour delivery service

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In a move to directly challenge Amazon, Tesco are unveiling its new one hour delivery service.

A pilot of the scheme in Zones 1 and 2 in London will use courier service Quiqup and will offer a one hour slot for up to 20 items from store. Items included are fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and frozen products as well as staples such as toiletries, nappies and bread.

Amazon launched the same service in London 2 years ago, and since its successful trial Amazon Prime has been rolled out to almost a 3rd of the UK.

Should the trial prove successful the app based service could be implemented nationally, and with Tesco recently trademarking Tesco Now, it looks like it is firmly in their sights.

One hour services are becoming much more popular as the UK shuns the highstreet and turns to the convenience of ordering from home. Larger companies are having to move with the times to stay competitive in the changing market – and quick and efficient deliveries are a large part of that.

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